Temporary Exhibits

Temporary exhibits are an important addition to the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America. They’re displayed for predetermined time periods and can include one or many items. Many temporary exhibits are geared toward a theme or important racing milestone, or simply represent the generosity of inductees, donors and collectors who want to share their prized vehicles and artifacts with MSHFA guests.


The MSHFA floor is home to inductee Mickey Thompson’s ground-breaking world land speed record car, Challenger 1. Powered by four synched engines, it laid down a never-before-achieved speed of 406.60 mph on an initial run in September 1960. Mechanical hiccups prevented a return run (and thus possible record), but it remains an astounding engineering marvel and commands a prominent spot on the main floor. 

Challenger 1



This beautiful, gold-trimmed trophy is a motorsports monarch in its own right. Known formally as the American Power Boat Association (APBA) Gold Cup, it’s simply known as the Gold Cup to competitors who strive to have their names engraved upon it at the end of each racing season.


The Gold Cup



At one end of the main floor, guests will find towering cases filled with artifacts of the reigning MSHFA inductee class members. These are unique displays that honor each year’s inductees — a one-of-a-kind tribute stocked mostly by inductees, their family members, or associates.


Peter Brock