MSHFA Announces “That Belongs in a Museum” Memorabilia and Artifacts Drive

Mon, Nov 20, 2023 at 9:49PM

MSHFA Announces “That Belongs in a Museum” Memorabilia and Artifacts Drive


• Many Racers have Important Artifacts and Memorabilia just Sitting in Garages, Drawers and Closets

• New MSHFA Donation Drive Makes Sure our Racing History is Preserved and Shared with Future Generations

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida (November 16, 2023) – Many racers and racing fans have important racing artifacts and memorabilia that sit in garages, drawers, closets and storage units, unseen and unappreciated. The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America (MSHFA) “That Belongs in a Museum” Drive now gives them the opportunity to donate these important pieces of our cherished motorsports history where they will do the most good. Where they will be seen by millions and help sustain the memory and lessons of motorsports’ greatest history-makers.

There can even be substantial tax benefits.

“So many of our friends, inductees and fellow racers have important racing artifacts that they don’t know what to do with,” says MSHFA President George Levy. “Sometimes their kids don’t want them. Or they don’t want to sell them one by one, only to see them disappear from circulation. The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America is the perfect place to donate them so they can be seen, appreciated, and inspire future generations.”

What kind of artifacts? All kinds. The highest priority are items relating to the MSHFA’s close to 300 inductees across every major form of motorsports — cars, planes, boats, motorcycles, trucks and off-road — and likely future inductees. For current MSHFA inductees and nominees, visit

“One of the goals of this campaign is to have at least one artifact pertaining to every MSHFA inductee,” Levy says. “A number of racing legends have given us helmets and driving suits or leathers. Another donated a set of original Indianapolis Motor Speedway “Gasoline Alley” garage doors. A powerboat racing legend donated the wristwatch he used to time his world championship-winning starts. But this isn’t just about Hall of Fame inductees. It’s about all the artifacts that tell our sport’s amazing stories.”

The types of material cover a gamut. This is just a partial list:

• Racing vehicles

• Parts of famous Racing Vehicles

• Trophies and Awards

• Helmets and Driving or Riding Suits

• Medals and other Artifacts of Military Service for our Racing’s War Heroes “They Wore Two Helmets” exhibit

• Autographed Letters and Programs

• Personal items belonging to Famous Racers

• Important Paperwork or Drawings

• Interesting Technology

• Photography and Poster Collections

• Tools and Equipment

• Notebooks and Diaries

• Aero Models and Presentation Models

The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America is unique in that it honors all forms of motorsports. Located on the grounds of Daytona International Speedway, “The World Center of Racing,” the MSHFA greets close to 150,000 guests each year to its museum and reaches millions more online.

“This is the place important racing memorabilia belongs,” Levy says. “This is the place where it will be seen, appreciated and inspire current and future generations. This is the place where their stories, their legacy as a benefactor, can be shared forever.” 

When exhibited, all items will be displayed with the name of the donor or donors.

Potential donors that may have something they think belongs in the Hall of Fame can call the MSHFA “That Belongs in a Museum” Hotline at (248) 895-1704 or contact

As a 501(c)3 organization, all gifts to the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America would be considered donations and would likely be accompanied by the traditional benefits. Donors can consult their accountants to be sure.

The 36th Annual MSHFA Induction Celebration Presented by Toyota Racing will take place March 11 – 12, 2024 in Daytona Beach. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the MSHFA at or contact MSHFA President Levy at (248) 895-1704 or

The MSHFA is housed in Daytona International Speedway's Ticket & Tours Building located in front of the famed 2.5-mile DIS tri-oval. Access to the MSFHA museum is included with every Daytona International Speedway tour, which run throughout each day, or as a museum-only ticket. The museum is open daily 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. nearly year-round except major holidays. It is visited by nearly 150,000 guests each year from every state in America and countries all over the world. For museum tickets call 1-800-PIT-SHOP.

The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America is on Facebook at and Instagram and Twitter at @MotorsportsHOF.

About the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America: The MSHFA is the only hall that honors all major American motorsports: cars, motorcycles, airplanes, off road and powerboats. Its mission is to celebrate and instill the American motorsports values of leadership, creativity, originality, teamwork and spirit of competition. Founded by Larry G. Ciancio and led by first President Ronald A. Watson, it held its first induction in 1989. Watson spent the next 30 years tirelessly building it into the nation’s premier such hall until his passing in 2019. Originally based in Novi, Mich., it relocated to Daytona Beach, Fla., in 2016 and greets close to 150,000 guests a year in its museum. MSHFA is operated by the nonprofit Motorsports Museum and Hall of Fame of America Foundation, Inc.


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